We're lucky to live in a part of the world that loves to celebrate Christmas!  Not only do we love to celebrate it, we have about 5,000 different ways to show our Christmas spirit.

We've got more than enough parades, parties, and Christmas festivals to transform any Scrooge into a true believer.  One of the best involves flight and fire in a beautiful celebration called Christmas in the Hills.

The event is this Saturday at Summer Grove Baptist Church on Jewella in Shreveport, and it uses hot air balloons as some of the coolest Christmas lights you've ever seen!  The effect is caused by what pilots call a "glow."  When the huge propane burners fire 6-10 foot flames into the thin balloon at night - the result is big and bright and beautiful.

The free party will also feature tethered hot-air balloon rides, games, bounce houses, food, music and more!  According to the Facebook event page, vintage cars will be on display - and there will also be a a visit from the power couple themselves!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be on hand! If you re looking for one of the more unique ways to celebrate Christmas in Louisiana - this is it!

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