The day after Christmas was an adventure, to say the least. My neighbor woke up to a starving dog scratching at her door. It is without a doubt the skinniest dog I have ever seen and you can tell that she has been on her own for some time.

The hungry dog inhaled her food and just wanted my neighbor to cuddle her and give her treats. Who could dump this sweet girl in North Bossier? We were determined that someone lost their baby girl and surely they put a microchip on her. My neighbor and I decided to take the dog to get her scanned for a chip.

We were so elated to find out the dog had a chip. The skinny dog has a name, Molly. The name fits her perfectly. She's an Australian Shepherd. Unfortunately, that is all the information given by her microchip. Did you know that you have to update your dog's microchip information every year? You also have to pay $21.99 a year to stay in the system. Her owners must have forgotten to update their info and pay the $22, so now, we are on a hunt to find Molly a new home. I keep thinking if only her owners would have updated their information and paid the fee this could be a happy ever after story.

PLEASE if you own a pet and they are not microchipped, chip your pet. They can't tell us their story, that's up to you. If your pet is chipped, here is your reminder to get all your info updated and paid for. I went to update my dogs and hers has been expired for 3 years. I felt horrid knowing that my dog could have ended up just like Molly.

Thank you to Pet Savers who stepped in and are going to help skinny Molly get her wight up and get her into a new forever home. If you want to adopt Molly or maybe you know her owners just reach out to Pet Savers.

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