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I love the Bayou State, I really do. If anyone else said these things about us, I'd want to slap the tar out of them, but you have to admit, they're true! These are some fun, well kinda fun things, you can do in Louisiana.

Obviously we're being a little cheeky here. These are not things that some research group put together, or did a survey on. These are all going to be things that you will probably experience in Louisiana as a part of the "shared experience" of living here. Some of these things are actually NOT great...but if we don't laugh at them, they might get to us.

Louisiana is so much fun, but it can also be a struggle. We deal with things most other states can't even wrap their heads around. Both good and bad. Imagine telling someone from Iowa that you saw an alligator just outside the Dollar General. Or that you once tried to consume 3 hand-grenades while walking around the French Quarter. We celebrate and party hard, but also have to watch our step in the summer pretty much everywhere we go.

So lets look at some "mostly fun" things you can do in Louisiana (that you might have to explain to someone out of state).

I'm quite sure you can think of some more to add to the list! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Top 20 Mostly Fun Things To Do in Louisiana

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