I hate it when someone breaches theater etiquette.  Talking on your phone, bringing a baby that is obviously suffering from the colic, or yelling at the characters on the screen are all reasons you should be barred from the theater in my opinion.  Even texting can be annoying if your screen is so bright that I can see it from 12 rows back.  However, I have never been so upset that I considered suing.

It looks like a man in Texas takes his silver screen time way more seriously than I do, and I may have yelled at an 8 year old for coughing during Moana.  Not my proudest moment.

37 year old Brandon Vezmar from Austin recently filed suit against Crystal Cruz for texting during their date, more specifically - during Guardians Of The Galaxy!


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 concept art
Marvel - look at all of the romance she missed out on!

Brandon felt like he got the shaft for ponying up the cash for tickets when his Bumble date started texting about 15 minutes into the flick.  When he asked her to stop she complied, for a moment.  When she started doing the finger dance on her phone again, he suggested that she go outside to finish her conversation.  After agreeing, she replied that she would be right back - our experts determined that was a lie! (crowd goes wild)  That's right - she straight up stranded him there alone!

Well, not alone.

His next move?  Brandon felt the need to resolve this issue through legal means, but gave Crystal a chance to make things right when he texted her:

Crystal, your behavior Saturday was not only rude but it cost me money. I want you to compensate me for the $17 movie ticket. Will you do this or do I have to pursue the money in small claims court?"

She refused, and called him crazy.  She claimed the texts were from friends checking to make sure she was safe.  That's when he filed a civil suit for the $17.31 and also claimed that:

texting is a threat to civilized society"

Cruz initially fought the suit, but eventually apologized and re-payed the price of the 3-D movie ticket.

I'm not sure who to root for here.  Was she rude, or was he petty?

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