Renowned New Orleans restauranteur, TV chef and author John Besh is stepping down from the company he created amid a sexual harassment scandal. reported 25 women--who are either currently or formerly employed by The Besh Group--said they were victims of sexual harassment.

The accusers say Besh allowed an environment that bred "rampant sexual harassment by the owners and managers of BRG."

The accusations of unwanted touching and inappropriate comments came from women from the top to the bottom of the Besh Group food chain, with some accusers working as servers, and others working in within the company's upper echelons.

The report by The Times Picayune states one complaintant says she was forced into a months-long sexual relationship with Besh himself, but when she tried to end it, she was retaliated against.

Two related EEOC complaints have been filed against the company since last December.

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