At some point, America has got to realize things are getting completely out of hand. And this story totally illustrates the level of "ridiculousness" that some schools have adopted.

Though we don't know the name of this young, 9-year old boy, ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida reports that he's a fourth grader in Hillsborough County, Florida and he's recently been threatened with Sexual Harassment charges because he sent a little girl in his class a simple love letter.

Yeah, the same kind of love letter you sent or received when you were in the fourth grade!   He drew a heart on a piece of notebook paper, wrote "I like you" in the middle, and included other things like, "I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds."

Apparently the little girl wasn't interested and when the other kids found out about the note, began to tease the kid.

At that point, the school principal got involved and told the little boy that no longer will the school tolerate "unwanted" love letters. And if violates the policy again, they'll file sexual harassment charges.

Apparently the school has a policy against passing notes because they can cause disruptions, but the boy's mother rightfully believes this is way over the top and a massive overreaction.  She says, "My nine-year-old doesn't even know what sexual harassment means."

And we're sure she's right, but because of this, he'll get the education on this way before it was time to have "the talk."

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