If I am being true to myself and thus true to you I personally believe the Good Lord has all this figured out and we mortal men and women don't need to tinker with it. But since we do have a history of eating apples when we are told not to eat apples here's what science will tell you about the relationship between certain foods and the gender of your soon to be conceived child.

If you are a couple that is wanting to have a son, the mother to be will want to increase her intake of sodium. That would mean enjoying more olives, bacon, potatoes, and salmon. The foods you'd want to avoid would be those high in calcium and magnesium. That means don't eat so much yogurt and car batteries.

If you're hoping for a little girl then the opposite of the above is what the experts are saying. The mom to be should enjoy calcium rich foods such as yogurt and milk. You will also want to increase the magnesium rich foods like spinach, almonds, cashews, and car batteries.

According to the study done in the Netherlands the time of conception has a lot to do with the gender as well. If you're hoping for a girl conception needs to be timed to be any days with the exception of those days immediately before and immediately after ovulation.

I guess if you've put this much effort into the process taking a calendar and a stopwatch to bed isn't too far fetched. Regardless, in the study 80% of women who followed the protocol and diet had a child of the gender they desired.  There were 172 couples that participated in the study so there could be some validity to the findings.

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