There's hardly a struggle more difficult to bear than a healthy couple that can't conceive. When you decide that you want to bring a new life into this world, you mentally and spiritually begin to prepare for it.  As the wait for conception grows longer and longer, the longing in your heart grows stronger and stronger.  That kind of hurt can be confusing and deep.  After natural methods fail, there are steps and procedures that can dramatically raise your chances for a successful pregnancy - the downside is the cost. Fertility Answers claims that although 1 in 8 American couples cope with the reality of infertility, barely a quarter of health providers offer coverage for infertility care. That lack of coverage would cost hopeful couples tens of thousands of dollars.

Fertility Answers exists to help couples that lack the ability to pay for fertility treatments, but do have the ability to support a larger family.  There are tons of criteria prospective families must meet, and most of that is confidential.  Every year since 2006, the organization has awarded the Gift of Hope.  The winners receive treatments from fertility experts, and a chance at growing their family.

This year, there are 3 winners.  Jordan and Daniel Allen of Sulphur, Kaitlyn and Jared Guzzardo of Baton Rouge, and Rachel and Mathew Gayle of Zachary all won the award this year.  They will all be getting the extremely valuable medical treatments and procedures they need to to bring a little one into their lives.  Read more about these amazing couples here!

If you would like to apply for this award, please click here to check out the criteria and submit submit your information.

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