Caddo Parish schools are getting $66 million dollars in Covid relief money. School systems around the state are struggling to find ways to spend the money. But Caddo Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree is working on a plan to make sure we use all of the federal money that is coming our way.

He is asking the school board to approve one time supplement pay for all full time Caddo school employees. This would be a $1000 payment to all workers who were on the job for 90% of the time during the pandemic.

Here is the full explanation sent to Caddo School Board members:

school pay

Some are calling these extra checks "heroes pay". If approved by the board, the checks would go out in June.

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State Superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley tells KEEL News how much the local systems will be getting:

Caddo 66.3 million
Bossier 19.1 million
DeSoto 6.2 million
Webster 8.3 million

Dr. Brumley also outlined priorities he is encouraging school systems to follow when looking for ways to spend the federal dollars.


These numbers do not include any new money which is in the new stimulus bill. That measure has passed in the house and is now headed for the senate. It would include even more money for schools, though we don't know the amounts just yet.

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