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If your holiday travels include driving over the Highway 1 bridge that crosses Caddo Lake, you need to start looking for an alternate route.

The Hwy 1 Bridge Over Caddo Lake Will Close Before Christmas

According to the report from KTBS, the bridge will close to the public on December 22nd.  In anticipation of the closure, State highway officials will soon be erecting warning signs to inform motorists of what to come.  2 primary detour routes have already been designated so you can still get to where you're going: State Highway 538 and Highway 169 (which will take you through Mooringsport).

Officials Will Close the Hwy 1 Bridge Over Caddo One Year Early Due to Public Safety

This shutdown is coming a full year ahead of schedule, and officials say the decision to speed up the project came out of concern for public safety.  After the most recent inspection, the load capacity of this 81-year-old bridge had to be reduced to just 5 tons.  Authorities eliminated several traffic phases (intended to gradually reduce traffic in the bridge before the full shutdown) to move this project along.

The Plan to Replace the Hwy 1 Bridge Over Caddo Has Already Begun

Currently, the $18.5 million bridge replacement project is waiting on utility providers AEP SWEPCO.  Starting back on October 1st the company was given 300 days to move the electric service poles and lines to accommodate the construction.  Construction on the new bridge over Caddo Lake is slated for completion (weather permitting) in 2023.

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