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The worst of the winter storm is behind us. Currently, there's no more snow being forecasted and temps are rising above freezing for the first time in days. After many parts of Louisiana and Texas have essentially shutdown, residents may need to make a supply run when it's safe to do so. However, if you're going to a Brookshire's location, there's a few things you need to know first.

Brookshire's has announced modified opening times for their stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Brookshire's says that the reduced hours is out of an abundance of caution for both customers and employees. Also, if you're venturing out, you may notice that locations may be out of a lot of items. While some locations were closed due to recent weather conditions, many were already open with reduced hours. Supplies were purchased at a massive rate and due to the conditions, additional deliveries have not been made. So, if you do venture out to a store, don't be surprised if some options are limited.

You can check out the full statement and the modified times for each Brookshire's location below:

Remember, while conditions are improving, the roads are still treacherous and dangerous. Law Enforcement officials are still urging residents to stay off the road for the next day or two unless it's an emergency.

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