I've had a lot of life going on for the last 12 months and one thing it's taught me... Always look on the bright side!

I haven't really talked about it on air, but I'm in the process of a divorce. It's my one and only marriage and if you've ever been through this, you know it's never easy. That combined with a pretty tumultuous past year has had me taking a hard look at my life and what I want in the future.

I can safely say, I've been blessed with the best family and friends that anyone could ever ask for. I'm lucky that my support system or 'tribe' has helped me through. I've learned that it's okay not to be okay. It's also okay to not only accept help, but to ask for it when you need it.

That's why Friday, as a part of my 45th birthday weekend, I went and got a tattoo! It's been 20+ years since my first one, so you know that this one has deep meaning for me.

I went to 13 Daggers Elite Tattoo Studio in Madison Park in Shreveport. Artist James Clements is the best! He did exactly what I wanted and the studio is hospital sterile. I highly recommend him!


My tattoo is of  the phrase Kalon K’agathon Gnothi... it means to 'seek/know the beautiful and the good' in Greek. It's a reminder to see what’s good in the world and to practice gratefulness. Kalon is represented by the Greek letter Kappa... that’s why my horses are all named Kappa Sweetheart, Kappa High Cotton, etc...

I've tried to live by this phrase since my undergraduate years. If you're having a rough time... Just remind yourself to look for and be what's beautiful and good!

FYI, I'm in a great place mentally. This tattoo is a celebration of all that is precious in this world!

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