Next week, Bossier Parish high school students will be returning to campus.

As many expected, as Louisiana inches slowly through the phases of reopening, certain things are slowly but surely coming back. Of course, you can simply look around and notice we aren't anywhere near back to normal, but we're certainly on track to getting there.

For students in our area, I absolutely cannot imagine what this school year has been like, so far. I certainly feel the most for our area seniors, as the school year they have been waiting on and working towards is off to such a strange start/ I know area students miss their classmates, and they most definitely miss a normal day/week at school.

Luckily for Bossier Parish high school students, they are just a few days away from a (more) normal school year and experience. On Monday, September 21st, Bossier City high school students on the A/B hybrid schedule will return to campus full-time. This announcement was made today via press release, and is sure to be greeted with happy parents/students.

In the announcement, Bossier Parish also stressed the importance of taking your child to school if possible, due to school bus capacity limitations.

Some Bossier Parish students opted for 100% virtual learning. Nothing will change for those students as they will not be affected by this announcement.

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