Bob Barker, COME ON DOWN... to Chimp Haven and save some chimpanzees!  The long time "Price is Right" host has always had a soft spot for animals and he has come to the rescue for some chimpanzees in need of a sanctuary.

The animal activist is reportedly investing $125,ooo into a new area at Chimp Haven, the national chimpanzee refuge in Northwest Louisiana.

A sanctuary in Texas recently closed due to over-crowding and lack of money.  Many chimps were taken in by other sanctuaries, but the 88 year old Barker reportedly donated $380,000 to create a space for five chimps that were not taken by other sanctuaries because they are infected with the HIV virus.

Barker and his friend Nancy Burnet, president of United Activist for Animal Rights flew out from California to view the home for the chimpanzees, Doc, Jojo, Murphy, Flick and Pierre.



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