Detroit is apparently home to more than car factories, Motown and Ted Nugent.  Now it's home to Bigfoot.  Yep, old Sasquatch himself has set up shop in the Motor City.

As you can imagine, in an area as financially depressed as Detroit has become in recent years, there are thousands of abandoned homes and from the sounds of it, one of those vacant houses now has a new tenant.

Houses like this are perfect hiding places for criminals on the run, drug addicts and apparently now, Bigfoot.

According to a guy named C. Brown, last week he was driving around Detroit with his wife and kids, looking for a place to move.  At one point as they passed an abandoned home, they saw something moving inside.

So they slowed down to take a better look.  What they saw according to was "a hairy arm reaching out the window . . . then a whole body, looked like a monkey, only a big damn monkey.  Maybe about seven feet tall.  It had short reddish hair . . . a huge head like a triangle shape."

Okay, if you're like me, I'm sure your eyes just rolled a little.  Do they have a picture?  Well, no.  Is there video?  Nope.  But his story has caught the attention of a website dedicated to reporting on creature sightings called "Cryptozoology News."

What do you think?  No matter what you call them, Sasquatch, Big Foot, Fouke Monster, or Yeti, do you think these things are real?