Now that most of Louisiana can legally bet on sports, a ton of people are paying attention to the betting lines surrounding LSU football. So when something shifts mid-week leading up to a game, people notice. Because when the people taking the bets change the numbers, it means they know something.

Look, the people who run betting operations are not in the business of having you win. They need to win more than you do, otherwise they run out of money. So they have to know everything about every team, every matchup, every venue, every trend. If they don't know more than you, they're in trouble.

So this week, when the bet takers made a change to the LSU vs Ole Miss football game, it made people start asking questions.

Tennessee v LSU
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

According to 247Sports, here's how the line started flipping around this week:

"The Tigers entered this contest in the same position at home, with Ole Miss opening as a 2.5-point favorite. However, it dropped to 1.5 with Caesars Sportsbook as of Monday afternoon, then flipped to LSU favored by 1.5 points later that day. The spread stood at LSU -1.5 Tuesday morning and the over/under sat at 66.0 points."

So what do they know? Why are they moving the line, and the favorites around so fast?

Well, sometimes it actually doesn't have anything to do with new info on a team, or a change that the public doesn't know about with the matchup on the field. Going back to the idea that bet takers have to win more than they lose, sometimes they have to follow where the bets are coming in. So if too much money is coming in on the Tigers, they have to pivot. If too much money is coming in on Ole Miss, they have to change.

Now the question before Saturday is: do they know something we don't, or are they manipulating us?

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