I recently started working at Christus Schumpert and started doing their elite class. It is a version of CrossFit and it's a workout that I've never done before. I really enjoy the class but, a lot of the things that they do are completely foreign to me. They have different names for things like a Burpee, which at my age is a squat thrust with a jump. It also involves a lot of Olympic style lifting, the squat, the bench press, the snatch, the clean and jerk, and overhead military style presses. For someone that has not done something like this in 25 years I was so sore and not in good shape at all. But after watching these people attempt to work out I feel so much better about what I'm doing. If you feel like you want to start working out but don't really know what to do watch this video and it will show you what not to do.

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