Everyone has heard the phrase, 'Every dog has it's day.' Well, we're hoping to make that the case right here in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.

Over the weekend, I was tagged in the post from PetSavers of Shreveport about finding a home for Boudreaux. You know it's bad when the individual rescues know you well enough to know the kind of dogs you like personally. We have two Bullmastiff mixes, one that was given to us by a listener and the other that we adopted from PetSavers last August. We also have two other strays that we adopted and two cats that were given to us by friends with an unplanned litter.

With all of my friends who are dedicated to animal rescue, I got to thinking. Why not use my job and the mouthpiece that it gives me for as long as I can to help local shelter pets find furever homes? After all, if you can't use being on the radio for good, what use is it?

That's why I'm starting Bristol's Babies. My plan is to highlight at least one shelter pet a week from area organizations in the hopes that we can not only raise awareness, we can give adoptions in our area a boost. It can't hurt to try! That's why I'm going to PetSavers today to get more pictures and video of Boudreaux. After all, I'm partial to 'gentle giants!'

If your group would like to get involved, please shoot me an email at erinbristol@townsquaremedia.com and we'll set something up!

Here are links to some of my favorite rescues, shelters and pro-furbaby groups in northwest Louisiana!

Here are my personal babies!!!

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