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LaMa Animal Rescue is a local non-profit, no-kill animal shelter and they're holding a super fun bingo fundraiser this Saturday, June 10, 2023, to help support their mission!

So what's the mission? That's easy! LaMa is an advocate for the many homeless, abused, and neglected animals in northwest Louisiana and they work to promote spay/neuter education and subsidize it as well as help to transport adoptable pets to no-kill partner shelters in the northeast.

Now that you know more about LaMa, one of the only rescues to serve Webster Parish, here's the ask. They need help! They need your time and your money and they'll happily take both from you Saturday, June 10, 2023, at their Bingo Fundraiser at the Springhill Civic Center in Springhill, LA starting at 6 pm. I've been to this event before and it was a ton of fun, especially with all of the prizes you can win, including door prizes! They've been posting a lot of the prizes available and they've got some good stuff. They say to dress in Hawaiian apparel so things should get interesting. It's $25 to play 10 games. The 10th game is blackout with a $250 prize and this time they're adding an EXTRA blackout card FREE in your bingo packet.

What's that? You can't wait to support this great rescue and their efforts? No worries! Click here to make a donation and to find out how to become a foster!

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