About 2 weeks ago, Grace Mawn started to feel some intense stomach cramps after a dinner with friends. The pain got so bad, Grace and her U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class husband Bryson headed to the emergency room to try to figure out what was happening and to get her some relief.  The young Barksdale couple got the answers and relief they were looking for, although not in the way they expected.  Emergency room staff immediately identified the issue - Grace was pregnant, and in labor!

WTOK reports that the couple became a trio in a matter of minutes, but Grace and Bryson were not prepared in the slightest for their new bundle of joy.  The new parents named their brand-spanking new baby girl Micaela (which means gift from God), and currently she is doing well in the NICU as she and her parents prepare to start their new family life together at home.

To say that the Mawn's were ill-prepared for this change is an understatement.  They only had a couple of hundred dollars in the bank, way less than they needed to buy diapers, a crib, clothes, a rocker, etc.  A Go-Fund me account has been set up for the fledgling family that has nearly reached above $4,000.


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