Many folks had put in for some time off and bam, the vacation gets canceled. Coronavirus has ruined more than relationships and waistlines, it has crashed in like the Kool-Aid man and ruined vacations all over the U.S.

The problem with Americans not taking a vacation or enjoying a change of scenery is that we don't get to reset. Instead, we end up burnt out, which is not good for productivity at work or happiness at home. If you're feeling like half of America right now, Barbados could be your great escape.

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Barbados took a huge hit when Americans quit traveling. So of course Barbados has something up their sleeve to make us book a flight ASAP. Barbados is hoping you'll come work remotely for a year and help stimulate their local economy. You can obtain a 12-month visa, work remotely, and experience everything the Caribbean has to offer.

If your concern is catching the Coronavirus, your chances are much smaller of getting it in Barbados considering the fact that they have only had 98 COVID-19 cases reported and 7 deaths.

According to the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association tourism indirectly accounts for 40% of its economic activity. Tourism is also the reason that most folks on the island have jobs. So, think of your one year stay as some Barbados stimulation.


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