Governor John Bel Edwards says the current mask mandate applies to all students state-wide. Jeff Landry says not so fast.

Without question, the biggest controversy surrounding our state's current mask mandate is the inclusion of K-12 students. Some believe that a mask mandate for students should be implemented by the schools themselves and the school boards. Others believe it should be the parents' sole responsibility. Of course, many have no disagreements when it comes to our kids wearing masks once the school year starts.

Every side of this argument is vocally represented on any Facebook newsfeed in Louisiana.

This week, Attorney General Jeff Landry is sparring with Governor John Bel Edwards over whether or not the inclusion of K-12 students in our mask mandate is right or even legal.

Landry believes the only entities in Louisiana who can implement and enforce such mandates would be BESE and the individual school boards. Landry says, "This absolutely is between BESE and the local school districts to determine the day-to-day safe and healthy decisions for students in public schools, not the Governor. For a year and a half now we have been in a crisis where the Governor believes that he is the boss of everyone. We have a democratically run government, not just a government run by a Democrat Governor.”

Landry also stated that under Louisiana's constitutional structure, BESE and the school boards have the ultimate authority when it comes to K-12 students wearing masks.

Governor John Bel Edwards was quick to respond with points of his own. Also, to say he was angry with Landy's comments would be an understatement. Edwards says, "Not only is he wrong, he is going out of his way to undermine public confidence in the basic mitigation measures that will slow transmission at a time that we need it more than ever. The fact of the matter is I have the authority and obligation under the current circumstances to declare public health emergencies.”

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