COVID-19 numbers continue to rise and now, our children are contracting the virus.

There was a time where children seemed completely immune to the Coronavirus. The virus, which undoubtable presents a much greater risk to adults, is now tearing through the country once again, but now, things are a little different.

As I'm sure you've seen, people of all ages are getting COVID-19 left and right. In fact, chances are that right now you know more people who have COVID-19 or have recently had the virus, than you did last year during the height of the pandemic. Without naming any names, I know over 20 close friends who have COVID-19 right now.

The worst part about the current wave of COVID-19 cases, is that the virus is now affecting children at an alarming rate. No joke, I remember a time last year when we all believed a child literally could not contract COVID-19. How things can change...

This week, Governor John Bel Edwards made quite the revelation when it comes to kids contracting COVID-19. This week, Governor Edwards announced that of all the new cases, 30% are Louisiana children. Of 6,000 new cases this week, 28% of all new cases are in children under the age of 18. This is especially troubling because schools are nearly all opened across the state.

Edwards says, “So more cases were reported by Louisiana schools during the first week of this school year than were reported in any week of last school year and more cases were reported in the first week of this school year than were reported in the aggregate of the first two months of last year.”

Next week is shaping up to be an interesting one to say the very least.

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