On Saturday the Arkansas Razorback embarrassed themselves, their state and the entire SEC by somehow losing to lightly regarded Louisiana-Monroe.

The shocking 34-31 overtime defeat dropped the Razorbacks from eighth in the nation to out of the top 25 completely. And if that wasn't enough, Razorback fans now have this bizarre video to deal with.

In the clip, YouTube user LIZHONEY2U sings words of encouragement to the beleaguered football team. What makes the video so interesting, and horrifying, is that she actually has a decent voice and the song's high production values includes background singers. Oh and she has taped her nose up in an attempt to look more like a razorback.

This seems more likely to be a clever troll by one of Arkansas' rivals. If that's the case let's hope things don't get out of hand, as previous SEC football fan feuds have ended in crimes involving a dead tree and a graphic teabagging.

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