We all have our insecurities at work. Chances are I am that annoying co-worker, I'm loud, I get way too excited about new upcoming projects, and yeah, I love to laugh at work. In fact I laugh a lot. Luckily having fun at work didn't make the top of the list. However there is a list that can definitely serve as the "Don't Do" list. If we wan't to keep our jobs it's best to follow it. A recent survey conducted by Accountemps asked over 2,200 CFOs from random companies what annoyed them the most about their employees and their co-workers.

According to Accountemps results here are the top 5 most annoying things co-workers do:

1. Not paying enough attention to detail and doing sloppy work. 35% of people surveyed think it’s the most annoying thing co-workers do.

2. Gossiping or playing office politics, 28%

3. Missing deadlines, 17%

4. Always being late, 12%

5. Presenting someone else’s ideas as their own, 8%

Do you agree? Are these the things that annoy you most about your co-workers? Have you ever had a co-worker that did any of these things on the regular?

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