We almost feel like a new edition of "Miss Manners" this week.  First we posted on proper "Flag Etiquette" and now it's ATM Etiquette, but as the old saying goes, "People can't fix something if they don't know what's wrong." 

Hey, it's Gary on this one and in my opinion, it's just plain old bad manners to walk into the small ATM building while someone else is in there trying to do their banking.

Yesterday afternoon as I got close to the house, I remembered I needed to make a deposit.  Regions has an ATM conveniently located in the Brookshires parking lot, and outside the occasional mechanical issue, I've never had a single problem with it.

But yesterday was different.  Right in the middle of my transaction, the door opened and a woman just walked right in.  I thought for a minute that she'd realize someone was in there and politely excuse herself and walk out.  Nope.  Stood right there less than 4 feet from me while I stood at the ATM.

I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck, so I gathered my wits and tried to be as polite as possible and asked her, "Can I help you with something?"  "Nope" she replied.

It was then I probably sounded a little more indignant when I said, "Then please wait outside.  I'll be finished in a minute."

She did walk out and wait, but I was still slightly miffed.  I couldn't believe that she'd just walked in there with me.  I thought to myself, "would she walk into the stall with me if I was using the bathroom?"  Well, this ATM was just as personal to me.

I finished up, walked out of the ATM, cast a glare in her direction, climbed into my truck and just happened to notice the license plate on the back of her car.  PENNSYLVANIA!!!  A dang Yankee!!!

Course, I was in a little turmoil.  Part of me wondered if they don't teach "politeness" up north, but the other part of me wondered if I might have overreacted.  Nope!  No overreaction.

I'll go to my grave thinking she should have never walked into that building with me.  Hey, that place deserves a little privacy and sanctity.  My grandfather would have said it was just like his old outhouse...a "one holer" meaning only one at a time!

I was trying to have some security while I was banking.  It wasn't like I was buying a snow cone for crying out loud.

So here's a few "tips" for the next time you're at the ATM.

  • Only one person at a time in the ATM
  • If there are no others waiting to use the ATM, please wait in your vehicle.  But, if another vehicle arrives, feel free to wait just outside the door.
  • If there's already someone standing just outside the door waiting, it's okay to line up behind them
  • Try to have everything prepared for your transaction BEFORE you enter the ATM
  • No smoking in the ATM.  And I can't believe I have to point this one out to some of my redneck brothers, but don't spit on the floor in there either.  C'mon man.
  • Throw your trash in the can.  That's why they put one in there.

And if you have no intentions of practicing "ATM Etiquette" please let me know where you bank so I can avoid that place.  Or maybe you want to think of moving back up north.  It's about to get really hot down here.

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