If you look at today's society that is primarily technology driven, you notice that EVERYONE has a smartphone, worst case, just a cell phone. But being a teenager in today's society, if you don't have a phone, there's something 'wrong with you' or you're 'not cool.' Could that be one of the reasons that teens are addicted to their phones?

As a parent of two young girls, my kids don't have a cell phone yet, but I'm sure they will one day. In a world that relies on smartphones to not only communicate by voice and text, but also keeping up in the world of social media, kids these days feel like they are missing out on life if they're not connected to the internet or can't pick up wi-fi.

But how many of those teens will actually admit that they are addicted to their phones? How many will own the fact that they can't even go to the restroom without dragging their phone along?? According to nbsnews.com, in a recent survey done by Common Sense Media, parents and teens were asked  if the teens were addicted to their cell phones and the statistics are kinda crazy!

  • 59% of parents feel their teens are addicted to their mobile phones and tablets
    50% of teens say they are
  • 78% of teens check their devices hourly or more often
    69% of parents are doing the same thing
  • 78% of teen feel the need to immediately respond to texts and 48% of parents feel the same way

"Part of the concern around being constantly connected through technology and media revolves around how we multitask among different forms of media and between media and real life," the report says.

Technology and real life are not the same. Should teens be addicted to their phones, or should we as parents take a stand?


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