What a horrible thought, that one day I will have to let some little hairy legged boy take my daughter on a date. I will have to trust him to bring her back unharmed. I will have to trust him to respect her. Hopefully I will raise a daughter that realizes her worth and demands respect. Let's talk a little bit about the dating rules you have established in your household.


Gary is daddy to three hairy legged boys and one of them is old enough to date--the other two are well on their way. And when boys are raised well, to respect young girls, the world is a much better place. But as for me, I plan on expecting the worst intentions from every little boy that shows interest in my daughter,  guard always up. I also plan on stalking them on their first date. . maybe even their first 100 dates. Only time will tell. Thank goodness I have hopefully about 15 years until I deal with dating.

A big thank you to Larry Waltman from Minden, for sharing this Dating Application with me:

Dating Application


Here are my questions:

How old were you when you started dating? (Do you think you were too young?)

How old were your children when they started dating? (Or what is the planned age if they haven't made it there yet?)

What curfew time do your children have when on dates?

Have you ever tried to intimidate any little boys who  have shown up to date your daughter?

Have you ever "spied" on your child when they were on a date?



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