Babies are so very precious and sweet. Unfortunately the innocence wears off and babies eventually become teenagers. I (Tracy) am absolutely terrified of the teen years and Gary can't offer me any advice for raising little girls, he has a house full of boys. In your experience, was one gender easier to raise?


The differences between males and females are, of course, some of life's great mysteries, and the debate as to whether these differences are hard-wired or result from gender bias in our child rearing has raged for decades. Recent research, however, makes a compelling case that just as there are clear-cut anatomical differences between boys and girls, there are differences in brain chemistry as well -- differences that influence behavior.

Parents goes on to explain that while raising girls you I will experience more back talk along with more high maintenance emotions and the possibility of the harsh emotional effects of bullying. Great, now I'm even more terrified.

Boys are described as competitive, aggressive, physical and more straight forward in their conversation style. Less in depth conversations. More jumping from the roof dressed as a super hero complete with bed sheet cape. Oh goodness.



No big surprises here. But, I don't want some glossy magazine article description of parenting. I want some real life stories based on experience, based on sleepless nights of racking your brain wondering what you should try next in your attempt to keep your child from spending time in the slammer or taking up a career of exotic dancing. Yes, in my most imaginative moments I fear I will raise a criminal or a dancer. I guess worse things could happen, but I do have the dream of raising a healthy, happy child who is full of love, laughter and intelligence.

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