Christmas cryptids? Oh yeah. Christmastime isn't just Santa Claus and reindeer, legends from all over the globe include witches, goblins, monsters, and cannibals.

There are plenty of people in the United States who've heard of Krampus now, since he's got his own movie and is referenced in various shows and books, but he's not the only monster who occupies the Christmas season. There's Jólakötturinn, Kallikantzaros, and Mr. Bingle.

You can tell by names like Jólakötturinn and Kallikantzaros that many of these legends come from other countries. Jólakötturinn is an Icelandic cat that eats kids, and Kallikantzaros are Turkish underground goblins who cause mischief during the Christmas season. Oh, then Mr. Bingle...he's a living pile of snow created by a department store in New Orleans.

Yeah, I consider living snow to be a cryptid monster. via via

Which also answers our question about which of these Christmas cryptids exist in Louisiana...basically just Mr. Bingle. Well, actually we can put Krampus in that Louisiana basket too. Because New Orleans hosts the largest Krampus parade in the country, and Bossier City usually hosts pictures with Krampus every year.

So I'm going to go ahead and say the two main Christmas cryptids in Louisiana are Mr. Bingle and Krampus.

Effectively, all of these cryptids can exist in Louisiana if you let them live in your heart.

Check out this list of Christmas cryptids from across the world:

Christmas Cryptids From Around The World

Living snowmen, kid-eating cats, witches, goblins, and more. Christmastime is actually full of a ton of monsters, not just Santa.

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