Anderson Cooper admitted that he is gay on Monday in an email to the Daily Beast, confirming what many already suspected about the ‘Anderson Cooper 360′ host’s sexuality. Soon after the news broke, country artists like Chely Wright and Natalie Maines took to Twitter to comment on the latest trending headline in pop culture.

Wright was predictably supportive. She posted several tweets applauding Cooper’s courage. “This is spectacular! I’m inspired by@andersoncooper @AC360. @CNNAnderson Cooper: “there is value in standing up and being counted”. YES!” she tweeted late Monday morning.

“EVERYONE’S coming out is important– of course. No one is saying otherwise. When a known figure like @AC360 comes out, MORE PEOPLE are aware,” she added in the afternoon.

The ever-vocal Dixie Chicks singer’s tweets were more sarcastic, addressing long-held speculation that Cooper was gay. The reporter had previously chosen to avoid issues of his sexuality, although he says he “couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

“This just in. I’m a singer!‪#andersoncooperkindofnews‬,” Natalie Maines tweeted.

Later, she added: “The earth isn’t flat!‪#andersoncooperkindofnews‬‪#sherrishepherdkindofnews‬.” 

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