Google is a wealth of information. Any question you have can be answered in any language you like, at any time of the day.  Google offers all of this information for free to you for one reason.  You are their product.  When you search for things you like, or things you need to buy, or sell, or anything really you're leaving behind a trail.  That trail of data, collected over time and placed in the correct hands / algorithms, paints a very accurate picture of who you are.  Google has enough of this information to paint extremely detailed pictures of everyone of us, and it can be cross-referenced in a million different ways.  It is easy to think that no one is watching us, but that's never the case.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has spent the last 4 years studying sections of the enormous catalog of information that Google has stored about us since it's inception.  One of his more surprising finds shows that married women in Louisiana and South Carolina are more likely to search for "Is my husband gay" than wives in any other state.  In fact, when a question begins with "Is my husband"  it is 10% more likely to end with the word "gay" than the word “cheating.”  The results off his study are fascinating.  Check out more on his findings here.