The Bernanillo Sheriff's department believes that Alexa saved a woman's life. If you're wondering who this mystery woman is, this super hero isn't Wonder Woman with a shield and a whip, Alexa is a smart device developed by Amazon to act as an assistant. Need a reminder set? Want to know the weather? Need a certain song played? Alexa by amazon can help you with all of that. Alexa can also call the sheriffs department when your life is in danger. Last week Eduardo Barros assaulted his girlfriend, he beat her with a gun and while he was attacking her he yelled "Did you call the Sheriff's?" Officials believe that is what triggered Alexa to make the phone call.

Luckily for the victim, the Sheriffs department was called out and her life was saved. This situation brings up a lot of questions for me. What is Alexa hearing? Is she listening all the time? What audio is she storing? Do you think that Alexa is violating your privacy? Would you still buy the Alexa device?

Personally, I am willing to set my privacy aside. Garth Brooks can sell me on anything. Remember the hilarious string of commercials he did for Amazon Echo's?


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