This Saturday, September 23, is National Hunting and Fishing Day and several Wildlife Management Areas in Louisiana are celebrating with some awesome demonstrations and competitions designed to encourage participation in the outdoors.

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However, many Louisiana citizens might not know that several of these LDWF WMAs are also holding a special youth squirrel season this weekend which extends an extra hunting opportunity exclusively for youth hunters aged 17 and under.


This is an incredible opportunity for youth to experience the joys of hunting bushy tail fox squirrels and cat squirrels without having to share the woods with deer hunters or anyone other than teal hunters.

And what a great chance for adults to show these kids the many disciplines of hunter safety with the possibility of a great supper of freshly harvested squirrels and biscuits as a reward for their effort.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The special season will only be held this Saturday and Sunday, September 23 and 24 and only at the following Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries WMAs:

  • Bodcau
  • Boeuf
  • Clear Creek
  • Grassy Lake
  • Little River
  • Maurepas Swamp
  • Pearl River
  • Pomme de Terre
  • Russell Sage
  • Sandy Hollow
  • Sherburne
  • Spring Bayou
  • West Bay

For information on these available opportunities, refer to the LDWF Hunting Regulations or for additional information on these or any other Louisiana WMAs, go to LDWF Refuges and Conservation Areas

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