I have always wondered where I would be allowed to take my chocolate lab into. He is a sweet boy and doesn't cause too much trouble. And since the dog park is still closed in Shreveport I have been trying to find ways to shake his cabin fever. So I did some research.

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Bark Spot, a doggy friendly blog, listed that there are 33 different places and stores that are dog friendly. I won't go through the entire list because some of these places aren't available in our area.

1. Half Price Books
2. Academy
3. Micheals
4. Hobby Lobby
5. Ross
6. Sephora
7. Bath and Body Works
8. Lowe's
9. Home Depot
10. Bass Pro Shop
11. Barnes and Noble
12. GAP
13. Old Navy
14. Tractor Supply Co.
15. Ann Taylor Loft

Now some of these I would call first before I take my critter with me, because that is just me. I always feel like I have to ask before I do something I find skeptical. Where do you wish you could take your dog to?

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