Over the course of last week and into this week, we've seen our community rally around each other. I wanted to send a special thank you to Elite Fitness in Blanchard.

We've seen countless efforts around town to help those in need following our hellacious winter weather week. We've seen local churches offering free food for those in need, and free water has been available to anyone who needs it every day this week and many locations around town.

Like so many of you, I was out of water for the better part of the week last week. Fortunately, I'm just one guy and I could easily make due with sponge baths in my snow-water filled tub.

Unfortunately, many others were in situations much worse than mine.

One Shreveport organization found themselves ina rough spot going into the weekend. The Rutherford House and their 25 teenage boys had been without water for nearly a week, and they were needing a shower for the boys. I absolutely love the Rutherford House and what they do for teens in our community, so when I heard about their predicament, I wanted to help find them a place to shower, even though it was a longshot.

After taking to Facebook to essentially ask people, most of whom don't have water themselves, if anyone has connections that could lead these boys to a shower, one place quickly answered the call. I wanted to give a big shoutout to the entire crew at Elite Fitness in Blanchard. They had been offering free showers for those in need all week, and they were excited to help out the Rutherford House.

Thank you Elite Fitness in Blanchard!

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