We've all been star struck before. It's that moment when you finally meet one of your real life heroes face to face and then you just freeze and become a bumbling mess!

I've been there more times than I can count during my career in radio and I can't blame this 7-year-old little girl from south Louisiana for experiencing a moment of panic when she got to meet Blake Shelton last Saturday at his show in New Orleans at Bayou Country Superfest.

The particular little girl I'm talking about is named Daisy Prescott and she has an autoimmune disorder called JDM.

I absolutely love hearing stories like this about my favorite artists. Clearly Daisy and her family have had a rough time of it, but when you find out that folks like Blake Shelton take time out of their busy schedule to spend time with little Louisiana girls like Daisy, it melts my heart.

Read more about Daisy on her Facebook page Cure For Daisy.

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