Musing over just what type of Cookies to leave with Santa’s Milk Christmas EVE? Oh, THIS year, the milk must go in a red solo cup with “SANTA” written across it in Sharpie! In case you’re thinking “Santa LOVES Oreos because I do,” think again.  Now, while I’m rather confident he’d be pleased with Milk’s Favorite Cookie, I’ve found some ideas that can help you bring your “Cookie A Game” to Santa this year. (Of course, the other cookie munchers in the house benefit, too.) On the website (link at the end of this piece) each cookie has an accompanying short video. Most of the videos give you an idea about the recipe ingredients, but not the ingredients quantities. It’d be a good idea to go to the websites of the videos in order to get the precise recipe. Or you could be in a baking hot spot! #10: Chocolate Snow Ball Cookies…I’m already smitten, looking for the nearest Chocoholics Anonymous meeting.  #9: Stained Glass Cookies. Hmmm…let’s throw the Chocolate Snowballs through them. #8: Rocky Road Pizza Cookies…wow! Add a Mudslide cocktail and Katie bar the door…you won’t see me for a day or two. #7: Red Velvet WHOOPIE pies! Break out a cold RC cola and some peanuts for that. #6: Peppermint Bark. Oooh.. Chocolate and peppermint! Homemade beats the “cool heat” out of ANY commercial prepared choco/peppermint concoction. #5: Chocolate Crinkles – crinkle Kris Cringle’s Face into a broad smile, Ya! #4: Jam Thumbprint cookies…wash your hands well, ‘cause the thumb you jam into the dough to make a dent to fill with your favorite Fruit Jam is yours! #3: Butter Tarts. Add pecans and you have a mini pecan pie! #2 Meringue Cookies….Oooooh…snow in the cookie jar!  And the #1 Christmas Cookie: CANDY CANE COOKIES…of dough, NOT the hard candy…these twisted munchies can be flavored with Peppermint to match the Appearance! Slam my hand in the cookie jar, paint me blue and call me MONSTER!

Santa helpers in Sydney Australia

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