When I heard that snow was possibly coming our way the first two thoughts that came to mind were "Oh great the grocery store is going to be ransacked." and "Why can't adults stay home on snow days too?". Of course my nephews and nieces are praying for a snow day. I was raised in the Seattle area and back then a snow day meant you needed at least 4 inches of snow. In the South, all we need is an inch! Unfortunately for many of us adults we still have to be at work rain, snow, or shine. I get it, our bosses are budget oriented and their bosses wouldn't approve it. However, I am about ready to make a power point and send it over to the powers that be to explain why we NEED an adult snow day.

1. Stay in your pajamas all day without being judged. Still need to work from home? No problem, make sure your web cam is turned off if you need to jump in on a webinar! Yes the perfect day exists. It is called an Adult Snow Day.

2. Drunk snow angels anybody? Having an adult beverage is fair game at noon in the middle of the work week. Guess what else is a good idea after a couple of drinks? SNOW ANGELS! Day drinking and snow angels pair perfectly.

3. Netflix binging is acceptable. Sad because you haven't had time to catch up on your favorite Netflix series? Guess what? An adult snow day let's you indulge in hot chocolate, cookies, and a whole lot of Netflix!

4. That 2:00 nap you dream of every weekday can become a reality. Guess what dreams do happen! That nap that sounds so good at about 2:00 every Monday through Friday can actually be a thing without you worrying about your boss catching you snoozing at your desk. Wrap up in those sheets for 2 hours, or 5 hours, who cares it's an adult snow day!

5. Your Pinterest soup can finally make it's big debut! You keep repinning it swearing one day you'll cook it. Guess who finally has the time and the perfect weather? YOU DO!

6. Give yourself a spa day. Take that bath, soak up, give yourself that manicure and pedicure. Lounge around in a bath robe. It's the perfect time to listen to an album from start to finish, treat yo self!


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