Almost all of us are insecure. There is something about ourselves that we don't like that we feel others notice and talk about. The truth is other people are too busy worrying about their insecurities to notice yours. Sometimes what we think is unattractive to the opposite sex is really okay. Her are five things that men believe are attractive to women. The ladies have a different opinion.

  • Elite Facts via You Tube
    Elite Facts via You Tube

    Big Muscles

    Guys seem to think that ladies want a man who is ripped. Most ladies surveyed do appreciate the physique of man who is in shape but most don't really care for the body builder type. To the majority of women that kind of attention to the body sends off a signal of self importance. That's not what a lady is looking for in a gentleman. Women tend to look beyond  physical appearances and appreciate things like humor and kindness.

  • Anna Bizoń ThinkStock
    Anna Bizoń ThinkStock


    Hollywood has done an incredible job of making "nerds" seem unlikable. Most studious and science minded fellows seem unattractive because they are very much caught up in their experiments or video games. The fact is that ladies like a man who is a great thinker. They like a man that can use his mind. After all the most pleasurable moments come from between the ears and not any other body part.

  • Alpha M via You Tube
    Alpha M via You Tube

    Love Handles - Bit Of A Gut

    Most men of a certain age seem to have a bit of a spare tire around their midsection. While an extensive amount of belly fat such as a beer belly that is as large as a keg is not appealing. The physical attribute known as love handles or a little bit of gut is quite okay to most women. While Hollywood distorts the male physique as much as it does the female physique. For the average lady, an average build is just fine for falling in love. As long as that average build has a decent brain on top of it.

  • Tony Hale A via You Tube
    Tony Hale A via You Tube

    A Hairy Chest

    For many women there is nothing more masculine than chest hair. When chest hair turns into back hair then that is a different story all together. Perhaps the presence of hair on the chest denotes more manliness than a barren or even worse, waxed chest. You have to remember, women want to be the pretty and smooth one in the relationship. It's the difference that makes all the difference if you know what I mean.

  • Cameron Cretney Via You Tube
    Cameron Cretney Via You Tube

    Messy Hair

    This attribute applies to the average day to day appearance of a fellow. Certainly if it's a big event he better have his hair combed. Most women find that men who spend too much time on their hair don't have enough time to appreciate them. Again, the lady wants to be the pretty one in the relationship. For most guys a brush or a comb through at nicely maintained hair style is more than enough. It gives a guy that carefree wild look that many ladies find intriguing.

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