When is the last time you opened the mail and got a note from a friend or a family member thanking you for something you did? Chances are you felt appreciated and it brought a smile to your face. Writing thank you notes is a habit I am slowly trying to make a regular occurrence in my life. I hardly ever get a response or a text saying "Hey I got your note.", however I smile every time I drop the note in the mailbox. Here are 5 reasons you should start writing thank you notes!

  1. You're set apart from the rest. Whether you're thanking someone for a lead at work, or you're thanking someone for taking the time to interview you for a job. Who do you think your potential employer would hire the person who stood out by sending a handwritten thank you note or the person who emailed them just like all the other 50 applicants?
  2. Showing gratitude never goes out of style. When did it become cool to not say thank you? Our grandparents would be appalled. Think of your grandma, thank people more often. Make your grandma proud.
  3. Hidden treasures are the best. You get home, and throw the mail on your table, among the stacks of bills and ads you see a handwritten letter, one you weren't expecting. How great is it that that little handwritten note can just bring a smile to your face.
  4. Keep it personal. Yeah, texting and emailing is great, but sometimes convenience isn't personal enough. Go the extra mile.
  5. You keep building long lasting relationships. When you take the pen to paper, you're not just showing someone you were thinking of them, you're showing them you're worth it. Whether it's a thank you note for an expensive gift or you're thanking them for their support in a time of need, you're showing that there is indeed value in your friendship.

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