I was far from the ideal student. My sister Aileen was an exemplary student. She was a year ahead of me in school, she was the student that maintained a 4.0 and above. She was clearly college bound and I was more of like the student who would be lucky to get into college. I only tried in school because I wanted to do things, like play golf, be in the next theater production and be a part of student leadership. I needed to have a 2.5 GPA in school for leadership, so I pulled off the bare minimum.

For some reason, teachers always cheered me on. From my principal Mrs.Trevethan to Jenn Cullum (the teacher who let us make rallies as crazy as we wanted to). Even my teacher who got me in trouble for calling him Sexy Rexy, I am forever grateful for the teachers who challenged me, who inspired me to be better. I can't say I am an gold star citizen, but I haven't gone to jail and I have a job I love. That's the goal right?

I know I was far from the easiest student to deal with, I had too many questions, I was always talking no matter what seat I was moved to. I will forever remember the teachers who pulled me to the side and gave me those talks that lit fires under my butt. These teachers taught me a lot, here are some things that I will forever remember.

  1. Violence is a sign of immaturity. Check yourself, spread positivity. -Thanks, Mr. Tribble
  2. The show must go on! Do what you need to do, but show up, be there, and give it your all. - Thanks, Mr. Volk
  3. Stop, breathe. Then breathe again. When you think everything will fall all around you just stop and breathe. I'm still working on it Michele V!
  4. You're supposed to jump over the obstacles. Find a solution, don't focus on the problem. -Thanks' Jenn Cullum.
  5. Talking a pen to paper is always a good idea. See it, write about it, then talk about it. - Mr.Wright is always right.
  6. People are always watching, character counts. Thanks Mrs.Trevethan.
  7. Know how the economy and government works. You don't get to complain if you don't vote. - Hayyyy Sexy Rexy!

Hopefully all the teachers who were cursed and had me as a student take advantage of these awesome freebies today in honor of Teacher Appreciation day. Now, I remember how much my teachers loved rules, so make sure you bring your valid faculty ID, and enjoy!

Chipotle - Buy one, get one free burrito from 3 pm to close.

Cicis Pizza - Free pizza buffet

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