Garth Brooks recently revealed that he'll be kicking off his highly anticipated world tour in Chicago. Suffice to say, that doesn't sit well with us.

Here are five reasons why the country icon should reconsider that decision and instead kick off his comeback tour in Shreveport, Louisiana.


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    He'd enjoy some of the best food in the world

    Louisiana is known worldwide for its amazing cuisine. Cajun, creole, seafood -- you name it, we do it the best! If Brooks started his tour here in Shreveport-Bossier, we could say for sure he'd be starting on a full stomach.

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    His concert would definitely not be canceled

    Brooks had planned to play not one, but five comeback concerts in Dublin, Ireland this year. Unfortunately, due to some red tape and city council drama, all five have been canceled, leaving tens of thousands of fans heartbroken. That's just something we wouldn't let happen in Louisiana.

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    He'd play to some of the most passionate country music fans in the US

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    He'd be in good company

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    And the no. 1 reason Garth Brooks should start his world tour here instead of Chicago?

    Because we're not Chicago. Enough said.