Today is the day we honor love, romance, chocolate, and cheesy cards. It's Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate love, being in love or the search for love. You know being in a relationship isn't for everybody. There are some great benefits to being single. However, if you're wanting to find a someone special here's a few reasons why psychologists say we fall in love.

  • Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
    Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

    You're Tall

    This one only works if you're a man. A man's physical stature works on the inner workings of the female brain. It's a subconscious thing that goes back to our early ancestors. What is tall? Well, it's taller than the female in question.

  • Joggie Botma/Thinkstock
    Joggie Botma/Thinkstock

    Shared Thrilling Experiences

    When the body has triggered its fight or flight reflex the mind takes note of the surroundings. There is something about knowing another person has attempted and survived similar circumstances that could be harmful. That makes that individual attractive to us. Whether it's skydiving, running a marathon, or eating at a roadside stand in rural Mexico, we tend to bond over shared experiences.

  • Movieclips via YouTube
    Movieclips via YouTube

    Do You Look Like Their Parents

    As creepy as this may sound it's true. Men marry their mothers and women tend to look for someone like their fathers. That similarity means comfort. Comfort creates confidence. Confidence creates stability. You get the idea. We like to be in familiar surroundings even though we say we want something different.

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    Positive Attitude

    No one likes to be around a negative Nancy or Ned. If you're one who often complains and is pointing out the worst in people and the world then that's a big roadblock for your romantic ride. We are drawn to smiles. Seeing a smile releases chemicals in our brain that makes us feel good. Misery may love company but you're looking for more than a casual acquaintance.

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    Ohh That Smell

    Your nose is a lot more sensitive than you know. It can pick up the scent of pheromones that are given off by the opposite sex. This goes back to our early ancestors again. Our nose is sniffing out a candidate that would be a perfect mate to prolong the species. That means a person that would have all the biological attributes necessary to bring a stronger generation to the planet.

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