Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and since 1887, Americans have allowed this little rodent meteorologist, Punxatawney Phil, to determine the fate of winter.

If he sees his shadow, we have 6 more weeks of bad luck and bad weather.  Should he go “shadowless,” we’re in for an early spring.

Truth be told, he’s apparently only accurately predicted the severity and length of winter about 39% of the time.  Which, by all standards, is probably about the same as most of his human counterpart weathermen.

Course, the disturbing thing to me, is that we have a groundhog predicting weather for all of America.  That would include those of us here in the deep South, where we’ve never seen a groundhog, much less determined his ability to ever see any shadow, much less his "own" shadow.

So, I’ve come up with several other mascots who might serve our needs better.


First on the list would have to be Bubba from Blanchard.  The weather prognosticating armadillo.  We actually had Bubba on the show a number of years ago and it was a tragedy.  We lured Bubba out of his hole on the side of Highway 169 in North Caddo parish at first light on that fateful morning.  He grumpily appeared and immediately saw a shadow.  Not his shadow, but the shadow of an 18 wheeler which accidentally led our beloved Bubba to his traditional armadillo demise.  Suffice to say, we assumed the 6 more weeks of bad weather and an immediate start to the bad luck.

Obviously, Bubba was off our list, so maybe we use Freddie the Fire Ant.

Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images
Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

Ever noticed how quickly fire ants can build a new mound after a rain?  They had to have known it was coming to get those hills up so quickly.  So, without question they must be in tune with the art of weather forecasting.

Maybe it’s Max the Mudbug?  How about Chucky the Chicken?

Perry the possum? (wait, they usually live the same life as armadillos, so that’s probably not the best idea)

Got a better suggestion?  Anything’s gotta be better than “Punxatawney Phil” right?

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