Last year, my Christmas tree stayed up until late January. I know I should be ashamed, however all the effort just to have it up for 2 weeks seemed so wasteful to me. This year I have promised myself that I will have my Christmas decor up as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday will be all about decorating for Christmas. Since experts claim that decorating for Christmas makes you a happier person, why don't we get happier earlier? Here are 4 Reasons why we should decorate for Christmas earlier this year:

  1. You buy decorations earlier, and you save money. Don't wait until December to start decorating your home, hit up TJ Maxx and Marshall's as soon as the Halloween decor starts to fade out.
  2. Holidays are stressful enough, take the stress out. Have your home Christmas ready before the "hectic short days" take over.
  3. Experts claim you're happier when you decorate for the holidays, everyone deserves to be happy!
  4. You can watch "Elf" more than twice a year! Watch it every time you start to decorate.

Now the question remains, when is the perfect date to start decorating?

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