One of the most peaceful moments of the holiday season to me happens when we turn off all the lights in the living room except for the lights of our Christmas Tree. I like to lay back on the sofa with both of the dogs strategically positioned around me. I then watch the dancing shadows of the tree's branches parade across the ceiling with every different blink of the bulbs on the tree. Throw in a little Christmas music on the radio and a glass of spiked egg nog and we can call that a holiday.

It's a good thing that memory comes after the hellish nightmare that is decorating a Christmas Tree. Because if my most recent memory of the holiday tree was the decorating then there would be no way in heck we'd ever have a tree in our house again. At least a tree that required decorations and the installation of electric lights.

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However, thanks to social media, I might have just found my saving grace for the next time society requires me to bring a dead plant into my living room and then stack hundreds of dollars beneath its dying branches.

You've probably figured out I am not a decorator. No, I am not. It's not that I don't appreciate a beautifully decorated tree it's more along the lines of I don't have time to beautifully decorate a tree myself. And my efforts to do so usually result in me having to make apologies to my family members for the "spicy" language that escapes my lips during the frustration of electric light installation.

Rudi Zhang/ThinkStock
Rudi Zhang/ThinkStock

Thankfully, social media, namely, Tik Tok may have just come to my rescue. This simple hack might have eliminated my biggest issue in lighting up the holiday tree. See for yourself.

The verticle method, why didn't I think of that? After all, what is the biggest issue every tree decorator faces? Blank spaces, exactly. With the verticle method, you can actually eyeball where the previous lights have been placed and this gives you a better idea of where to place the lights that you're about to install.

For all of my Christmas Tree decorating life I have been starting at the top, making sure I had the non-plug-in end and the plug-in end positioned so I won't have the issue of running an extension cord up the tree trunk. Then I would wind the lights around the tree. Each time leaning a little more precariously on my step ladder to reach around the branches. Why, yes, I have fallen into my Christmas Tree more than a few times.

In addition to the safety reasons the verticle method also allows for better light distribution throughout the tree too. This means you don't have those wide toothless gaps that you might sometimes get using the horizontal method.

Granted, it might be too late to save your sanity for this holiday season, but at least we've planted the seeds for next season. Nah, you won't remember,  you'll get lost in the romance of the holidays and forget all about the stress and hassle of tree trimming until I remind you again next year.

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