High School parents, faculty, administration, and students were on pins and needles last night anxiously awaiting the National Anthem.  Rumors of student-athlete planned protests mimicking the NFL protests we saw last weekend were everywhere.  Letters went out to Parkway High School students, warning them of dire consequences if they chose to kneel during the presentation of the flag and playing of the National Anthem.

In case you were wondering, no one took a knee during the Anthem before the Parkway Airline game - but a few players locked arms.  To my knowledge, no one will be kicked off of those teams - but that's not the case for cousins Cedric Ingram-Lewis and Larry McCullough in Crosby, Texas.  CBS Sports is reporting that student-athletes at Victory & Praise Christian Academy were given a similar warning from their coach, Marine and Pastor Ronnie Mitchem, before their Friday night game against the Providence Paladins.  Despite that warning, Cedric raised his fist and Larry knelt during the Anthem prompting Coach Mitchem to take action.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Mitchem ordered the pair to remove their jerseys immediately leave - saying  "disrespect will not be tolerated."

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