Just when you've gotten fed up with humanity and you're sure you've seen the worst of it - life throws you a curve-ball in the form of 2 Texas idiots that aim to top it all!  Texas really is an all or nothing kind of state.

USA Today is reporting that 27 year old Adam Crow, and 28 year old Tanya Albrecht are both charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Albrecht is also charged with abuse of a corpse after the pair of geniuses stole a hearse that should have had an "occupado" sign on top.

That's right, the final delivery vehicle was in use at the time, but that didn't stop the pair from snatching this ride from a fast-food restaurant in Bryan,Texas.  The grand theft auto (and body) happened around 5:30 Friday afternoon, and officials found the stolen corpse around 7 am.

The recently deceased was handled with care and respect by a local funeral home. The criminals were caught soon after because a stolen hearse tends to stick out.

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