As a guy who could never imagine cat-calling a woman, I seriously didn't know it was still a thing. I assumed it was an old-timey thing that we make fun of in TV and movies to really prove how despicable a character is. But apparently, its a real thing, and it really happens.

At least that's what I've come to understand online. This super-weird mating ritual among the males of our species apparently still happens. A lot. And women are just as annoyed by it today as they were decades ago. Which just goes to show how little men learn.

But recently the internet has been taking some different approaches to the phenomenon of cat-calling. Including an online comedian who decided she was going to give cat-calling a shot, on men. Before you click on this video, there is a NSFW moment, so warning:

Funny, but it probably won't end cat-calling. Not that it was the point of the video, but what if we wanted to try and finally get rid of cat-calling? Since apparently men won't outgrown the idiotic behavior, maybe we will just have to change how its done.

The viral video machine known as LAD Bible posted a video with a different take...polite cat calls. Where they cat call women with positive things. Check this out...

The extended clips are unreal, he hits on so many things that people actually appreciate.

So I thought we could take it a step further, and make it specific to the women of Louisiana. What are some polite cat calls that would apply to women in The Boot? We took a stab at it in the office, and here's some of what we came up with...

17 Polite Cat Calls For Louisiana Women

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